We believe that church is beyond the four walls of the building. We have LIFE groups and different ministries to connect with. Find out the latest happenings and join one today!

life groups

LIFE Group is a place where we do life, together. Happening in homes, accompanied with warm fellowship, food, and an environment where members can care and learn from one another in seeking God, LIFE Group is the place to be on a Friday night. With LIFE groups across Penang and Kedah, find one that is best suited for you.

our ministries


Children's Ministry of FGA Centre

Age: 1-12 years old


Children are blessing from the Lord. We want to provide an environment in which children are safe, taught at an age-appropriate level, and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. If we are to have a healthy future, it is essential that we have a viable children's ministry. Mighty Warriors is available in all our congregations. Get in touch with us today!


Youth Ministry of FGA Centre

Age: 13-19 years old


fireBRANDS' tagline is 'irresistible influence'. The fireBRANDS' exist to exalt God's name, to love others as Christ loves us, to belong to a family, to share God's word, and to do service for His Kingdom. We are an exiting bunch of youth! We love music, play games, plan camps, enjoy theme nights, hang out with one another, study together, and have fun learning spiritual stuff. Check us out!


The Young Working Adults Ministry of FGA Centre

Age: Up to 40 years old


If you are young, strong, enthusiastic and working, we want you. Join our fellowship for fun, bible study discussion in areas that affect us - vocation, relationships, and the working world! It is a place for encouragement, participation, and connection where a lasting relationship can be forged. It is place where you can meet fellow young working adults to fellowship, share life together and grow together. Join us today!


The Fellowship of FGA Centre's Senior Citizens

Age: 60 years and above


Old vine is better! What young people can do, we can do better - maybe a littler slower! But we have more experience, more wisdom, more patience, and definitely more finesse! If you are retired (whatever the age) and have the time, join us now. There's a lot food, fun, fellowship - both physically and spiritually!


The Grief Support Ministry of FGA Centre


Our aim is to provide spiritual support in a safe and confidential environment, offering help and hope to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one by centering in on the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Special Visitation Team of FGA Centre


If you or someone you know is in need of a home visit for prayer and encouragement of God's Word, please don't hesitate to contact us. The Visitation / Mobile Church would love to visit you and pray for you. Contact us today!



In each individual's Christian life and journey there is the synergistic dynamics of relating with God and with one another, the ongoing transforming work taking place within each in our daily experiences in life, and the active participation in the Kingdom of God. Now, put all these individuals together in a community like FGA Centre, we can come up with a common purpose - one faith, one body, one Lord. We call this THE WORLD CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS - bring them in, build them up, train them for, and send them out.



If there's anything to describe the heart and passion for FGA Centre it is worship - in its fullest form and expression - which is our priestly duty before our great God. Since the early days of the history of FGA Centre, worship through music, songs, dance and drama has been our heart and soul. Through these expressions, we seek to create in all our celebration services an atmosphere that is inspiring and exciting where people are motivated to participate in whole-hearted worship to the Lord.



The Mission Board of FGA Centre implement the Mission Policy of the church, oversee the welfare of her missionaries, and bring awareness of missions and cross-cultural ministries.


The uniform body under the direction of Converse-Life Ministry


Age: Primary - secondary school studentsDo you love challenges? Do you love adventures? You can stop looking elsewhere. Come join a uniform body that would help you develop discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills for a lifetime! You can make a difference to your life today!


The floorball clubs under the direction of Converse-Life Ministry

Age: 9 years and above


Converse-Life oversees the welfare, financial support and running of the clubs. We also provide moral and spiritual support to its members, encourage excellence and best sportsmanship, engagement and interaction between club members. If you are into sports, please consider joining us - train for competitions locally and abroad OR just for recreation.


A ministry spearheaded by Converse-Life


EFL Ministry is a community project seeking to adopt and care for under-privileged children, to establish Community Tuition Centre, and to provide wholesome education through it's various programs for kids.

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